Not every brain is the same! Some are sharper than the others, but every brain can be trained and grow.

It is a common belief that intelligence is a fixed characteristic at birth. Science has now proven otherwise. Our brains can keep changing and develop new abilities throughout our lifetime. This ability of our brain to change and adapt is called neuroplasticity.

Brain training stimulates neuroplasticity through mental exercises. It has been proven to be effective in:

  • Improving memory and thinking skills
  • Increase the speed & function of the brain
  • Improve attention & focus
  • Improve confidence
  • Better cognitive resilience – reduce anxiety & stress
  • Improve academic/work performance

Our unique one-on-one brain training program, BrainRx uses a series of intense yet enjoyable mental activities to focus on targeting and enhancing cognitive skills.

In a study by BrainRX, participated by 7,425 people who underwent a total of 82 hours of training, showed that brain training improves our brain-based skills! The results showed:

  • 7.3 years increase in Logic & Reasoning
  • 5 years increase in Auditory Processing
  • 4.6 years increase in Visual Processing
  • 4.2 years increase in Long-term Memory
  • 3.8 years increase in Working Memory
  • 3.2 years increase in Sustained Attention
  • 1.9 years increase in Processing Speed

By improving our brain-based skills, brain training also helps improve learning, reading, math skills and problem solving skills. This will allow the challenges that we face in life, be it in school or at work, to become easier!