There are many children who struggle and have difficulties with learning, reading, memory and attention. Do you know that these struggles are caused by weak cognitive skills which can be improved with the help of brain training? Brain training, also known as cognitive training, uses intense mental exercises and activities to target and work on the brain’s function and efficiency.

The more our brain work out, the better we will be able to process and remember incoming information.

Brain training is NOT tutoring!
Tutoring delivers or redelivers information that may have already been taught in school for additional understanding. Brain training does not deliver information. It helps to improve cognitive skills to grasp and process the information better.

Successful learning is not only about needing quality content but also strong cognitive skills.

At Ace BrainLab, we offer a unique and intensive brain training program from United States. The program, BrainRX is a blend of personal one-on-one coupled with digital training. The fast-paced nature and the intensity of the program will challenge, sharpen and improve our brain-based skills. When our brain-based skills are sharper, learning is easier!